What is Kundalini Reiki?

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In one of my previous posts, An Introduction to Usui Reiki, you can learn about the beginnings of Usui Reiki, the tradition of passing the teachings and attunements from master to student, and how it works. But what is Kundalini Reiki?

In the 1990s Danish healer, Ole Gabrielsen, began developing Kundalini Reiki following spiritual exchanges with Ascended Master Kuthumi – who was a sage and holy man, and is now part of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Kundalini Reiki has it’s roots in Usui Reiki, and although there are similarities between the two, they are quite different.

What is Kundalini Energy?

The name originates from the Sanskrit word kundal, meaning coiled up. As with the universal life force energy, we all have kundalini energy within us, regardless of religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs. With kundalini energy it remains dormant, coiled at the root chakra until it is activated or awakened.  Once fully awakened it is likened to a flame which rises majestically from the ground, up through the body and out of the crown chakra.

This energy comes from the very earth itself and its primary purpose is to enhance spiritual growth, consciousness, enlightenment and bliss through love and peace. The concept was first documented approximately 3,000 years ago in the Hindu Upanishads (ancient Sanskrit texts.)

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini awakening is the release of the ego and clearing of spiritual blockages in order to become our true selves. We are prone to so many negative characteristics and emotions such as anger, greed, hatred and fear. When our kundalini energy is awakened, we can begin to overcome these negativities by experiencing a new perspective and understanding.

This “rebirth” allows us to be more positive, compassionate, caring and loving, increasing our intuitive abilities and spiritual growth. Kundalini energy may lie dormant throughout our lives, or it may uncoil as a result of extended periods of meditation, fasting, yoga or other spiritual practice, or even after near death experiences.

The energy can also be awakened by transference – through attunements and teachings from master to student in the form of Kundalini Reiki.

Basic Levels and Attunements

Below is an overview of the first 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki. (Please note these may vary slightly from Master to Master.) In order to complete these, the student must have first achieved Usui Reiki Level 3 – Master Level. (See How to Learn Usui Reiki.)

Level 1 – Preparation

  • Attunement enabling the student to channel the universal life force energy – equivalent to Usui Reiki Levels 1,2 and 3
  • The central energy channel is widened and strengthened in preparation for the next level
  • The crown, heart and hand chakras are strengthened and opened
  • The student receives instruction on performing Kundalini Reiki treatments.

The student can heal the self and others but may not initiate others at this level.

Level 2 – Awakening

  • Attunement to reinforce / strengthen Level 1 teachings
  • The central energy channel is widened, strengthened further and gently opened
  • The awakening begins – the kundalini energy starts to uncoil, rising from the root chakra to the solar plexus chakra in preparation for the next level
  • The student receives instruction in specific meditation which increases the kundalini energy and promotes enlightenment and cleansing.

Level 3 – Master Level

  • Attunement to reinforce / strengthen previous teachings
  • Additional attunements to enable the practice of other reiki systems – Diamond, Crystalline, D.N.A., Past Life, Birth Trauma and Location Reiki (*see below)
  • Instruction in healing the self and others with the above systems
  • The throat, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras are gently opened
  • The kundalini energy gradually rises, passing through each chakra and out of the crown chakra, cleansing as it flows

Upon completion, the student becomes a Kundalini Reiki Master and is able to attune others to Kundalini Levels 1, 2 and 3.

*Diamond Reiki – during the attunement a diamond is placed on the crown chakra. As reiki flows through the diamond the energy becomes stronger, taking on the characteristics of the diamond – spirituality, vision, strength, purity and perfection. Once attuned to Diamond Reiki, the practitioner can channel this additional energy when giving a treatment, either in-person or as distant healing.

*Crystalline Reiki – throughout life we suffer traumas. If these traumas are not dealt with, crystals form. These crystals hold the memory of the trauma, i.e. the pain and feeling associated with it. Unless they are extremely deep rooted, Crystalline Reiki can heal these traumas and dissolve the crystals. These sessions are held in-person only as the practitioner must make physical contact with the hands. Usually 2 sessions are required.

*D.N.A. Reiki works on the D.N.A. strands, healing negative genetics such as inherited characteristics, illness and disease. This type of reiki can be given in-person or as distant healing. Usually one session is all that’s required.

*Past Life Reiki deals with healing negative karmic issues and influences from previous lives. This can be practiced in-person or as distant reiki and usually requires 3 sessions.

*Birth Trauma Reiki – it’s believed that one of the most traumatic events we will ever experience is being born. (Giving birth is pretty traumatic as well. There are so many different kinds of reiki, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a reiki specifically for childbirth, although I haven’t come across it yet!) Birth Trauma Reiki can be given as in-person or distant healing and usually requires just one session.

*Location Reiki – sometimes the bonds we have with a particular place can have a negative effect on us and may manifest as ill-health. (This could include an extended stay in hospital, growing up in a particularly unhappy household, a place where something bad happened etc.) Location Reiki works to heal these bonds and can be performed as either in-person or distant reiki.

Advanced Kundalini Reiki – Grand Master Levels

The next steps are known as “boosters” and will progress the student from Master to Grand Master upon completion of the final level – level 9.

Levels 4, 5 and 6 involve 3 more attunements and further widening and strengthening of the energy centres and channels. Once completed the reiki energy available to the student is increased by 100% and they have the ability to attune others to these levels.

Levels 7, 8 and 9 also involve 3 more attunements and further widening and strengthening. Once completed the reiki energy available is increased by 300% and the student is able to attune others to these levels.

Once the above levels are completed and sufficient practical experience is gained, the next stage is level 10Kundalini Reiki Grand Master Teacher. This involves an attunement to strengthen the previous attunements and teachings, a Grand Master Teacher attunement and instruction in attuning others to level 10.

Sufficient time should pass between levels in order for the energies to integrate and settle, thereby allowing a gentle acceptance of the changes that are taking place, namely enlightenment and wisdom. The guidelines vary between different practitioners, but generally a minimum of 5 days between the basic levels, 1-2 weeks between the advanced levels, and at least 3 months between levels 9 and 10 should be allowed. This should be discussed with the Master prior to training and from level to level in order to decide the best way to proceed.

Treatment and Benefits of Kundalini Reiki

Due to the intensity of the energy, Kundalini treatments only take about 5 minutes. They can be performed with the healee present. This will usually involve the practitioner placing hands on the shoulders of the recipient and intending, visualising or thinking Kundalini Reiki, (or Diamond / Crystalline / D.N.A. Reiki etc.) Once this connection is made the energy flows. The practitioner will remove their hands after 3-5 minutes and the flow will stop, but the energy will continue to work in the healee’s system.

For distant treatments the practitioner may have the healee’s name or a photo of them placed between their hands. They visualise the healee and then intend the reiki to flow. As above, they will finish the treatment after a short time, the flow will stop but the energy will continue to work within the healee – it’s as simple as that!

This simplicity is one of the benefits of this form of reiki, as well as its flexibility; it has many uses including healing relationships, character traits, situations, karma and the clearing of negative energies in the home or work environment. Kundalini Reiki can strengthen and enhance the body’s own healing system, bring about deep relaxation, relieve stress and pain, and speed up recovery after an illness. It should not, however, be used instead of conventional medicine, and as always, speak to your doctor before going forward.

Next Steps – Is Kundalini Reiki For You?

It should be noted at this point that if you’re interested in taking up Kundalini Reiki, it’s advisable to carry out further research; there’s a certain amount of disagreement whether kundalini awakening through reiki is safe. On the one hand it’s argued that the awakening may be dangerous if it happens too quickly due to the intensity of the energy.

On the other hand it’s argued that because the kundalini energy and the life force energy work together, they complement each other – the student enjoys the benefit and balance of the heaven and earth energies, the earth energy being tempered by the universal life force energy.

There will always be for and against arguments about all things in life. If you decide to go ahead with Kundalini Reiki, (having achieved level 3 Usui Reiki), make sure you have carried out enough research and have adequate knowledge on this healing method to make an educated decision about whether it’s right for you.

In Summary

In this article we have looked at some of the different aspects of Kundalini – energy, awakening and reiki. You now have a good idea of the different levels, how they are taught and what each involves.

The similarities between Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki are as follows –

  • both are available to anyone, regardless of spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs
  • they use the life force energy to unblock negative energies and give our healing systems a boost
  • they can be carried out as in-person or distant healing (with the exception of Crystalline Reiki)
  • both forms of reiki can be used to heal people, places, animals, any living thing, and for past, present and future events.

The differences between Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki include –

  • Kundalini Reiki uses kundalini energy as well as the life force energy
  • It does not use the reiki sacred symbols or traditional hand positions
  • It is quicker to work and more intense than Usui Reiki.

Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please leave them in the box below or contact me on jane@therapyjet.net. Are you a Kundalini Master or do you have experience with other types of reiki? If so, please do get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

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