An Introduction To Usui Reiki – Spiritual Energy Healing

The Japanese reiki symbol

Reiki is a healing method which has been around for thousands of years. Although it is spiritual energy healing, it is available to all, irrelevant of spiritual or religious beliefs. There are many forms of reiki, but possibly the most widely practiced in our Western world is Usui Reiki. This…

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What is Kundalini Reiki?

Silhouette of a person sitting cross-legged

In one of my previous posts, An Introduction to Usui Reiki, you can learn about the beginnings of Usui Reiki, the tradition of passing the teachings and attunements from master to student, and how it works. But what is Kundalini Reiki? In the 1990s Danish healer, Ole Gabrielsen, began developing…

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How To Learn Usui Reiki – Levels Of Enlightenment

Steps leading upwards

There are three traditional levels or degrees of Usui Reiki training, beginning with Level 1 and working up to Master Level, although the final level can be split into two teachings (see below). No previous experience is necessary and anyone can commence their reiki journey regardless of background, culture, intellect, spiritual…

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