The Beginner’s Guide to Healing With Crystals

A selection of different coloured healing crystalThere’s a lot to take in when starting out with crystal healing – such as what crystals or healing stones to use, how to use them and how to look after them. That’s why I’ve put together The Beginner’s Guide to Healing With Crystals.

(Note, I’ll be using the words crystals and stones throughout this article. Some healing stones are classified as crystals and minerals, others aren’t. For an explanation of the meanings and definitions, see my Best Buyer’s Guide.)

In this article you will gain a good understanding of the basics – firstly, how to choose your crystals, then how to cleanse and charge them. You will learn the importance of intention and how to connect with your crystals plus some straightforward healing methods that you can begin using straight away.

You will also learn some important do’s and don’t’s when it comes to your healing stones, plus there are plenty of links along the way for when you’re ready to learn more about these beautiful gifts from mother nature. So, let’s get started…

An Introduction To Crystals

How to Choose Your Stones

First you need to discover which crystals you want to start your collection with by carrying out some research. You’re here, so we’re on track so far! In this post I won’t go into too much detail about individual crystals – these are covered in depth in separate articles which you can link to as you go along – but you will get an overview of a number of crystals that are fairly common, along with their main characteristics and healing benefits.

To begin with, you might want to consider crystals for the following uses :

  • For general healing e.g. amethyst which is good for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It reduces stress, is very calming and helps to achieve balance and quieten the mind.
  • For protection e.g. black obsidian, which as well as protection against negativity is also used to cleanse the aura and may enhance psychic abilities.
  • For heart and emotions e.g. rose quartz which is an excellent healer for all matters of the heart, whether for easing the trauma of a broken relationship or to assist with the development of a new one. Use for self-love and removing negative emotions.
  • For mental clarity e.g. fluorite which is good for focus and concentration at times when you need to think clearly and make important decisions. Also good for studying or any creative activity.

These are just a few of the basics. If you haven’t already done so, have a think about what you want to get out of your crystals. Their healing properties are so diverse, there’s really nothing they CAN’T be used for.

Also, allow your intuition to play a part in the choice of your healing stones. There may be some that stand out for you more than others.

As I mentioned before, all the crystals featured in this post will be covered in more depth in separate articles. As part of your research you can also check out my posts on Chakras And Their Meanings and How To Cleanse The Aura to find out more about how crystal healing methods.

How To Buy Crystals

A girl holds her palms open to display a collection on vividly-coloured gemstonesIf you have a spiritual shop near you, that’s a great place to buy your crystals. Check out their selection, soaking up the vibes as you peruse. (I love a spiritual shop but unfortunately there aren’t any near where I live.)

When you’re present you can see the actual crystals close up, possibly picking up on their energy. Unless it’s forbidden (which it usually isn’t), you can hold them and see how they feel. Some may “speak” to you more than others.

The down side to buying in person is that your choice will be more limited and you may pay  little more than you would online. You could also check out trade fairs, festivals and so on.

Another option is to buy your crystals from the comfort of your own home. Here you have the advantage of a world of knowledge at your fingertips – as well as the huge selection that is available to you online. You can also dig a little deeper and find out more about healing properties and characteristics before you buy.

However, when buying online you will usually order a “similar looking” product as crystals are natural and some will be a slightly different size or shape. This shouldn’t be a problem because crystal healing properties are down to their structure and composition – not how big they are or how they appear from the outside.

So, go ahead and bag your beauties! Handle them with care and don’t let them bash into each other as some are softer than others. Also be sure to store them safely when you get them home – a box with separate compartments lined with natural material is a good idea.

In the next section we will look at how to cleanse them i.e. get rid of any energy they may have picked up along the way – whether in transit, in the shop or any other stage of their journey that led them to you…or that led you to them!

How to Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals

It’s important to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis, but it’s particularly important to do so when you first get them. The energy they pick up and absorb on their travels and when used for healing may come from people or places and may be positive or negative.

By cleansing your crystals you are dissolving these energies and allowing them to be recycled back into the cosmos. Here are some easy methods to get you started :


Firstly, allow me to explain that there’s a great deal of disagreement over whether or not to use water to cleanse your crystals. Some say it’s perfectly O.K. if they are at 6 or higher on the “Mohs scale.” (This scale measures mineral hardness and scratch resistance. The range is 1-10, with 1 being the softest.)

Others argue that this is not case as the Mohs scale measures hardness and not dissolvability. Some crystals are lower on the scale but are fine to place in water. Likewise, others are higher on the scale but should be kept dry.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, so for the sake of easiness as a beginner, I would suggest you use those. (See below.) However, if you do want to use water, make sure you know your crystals and that it’s safe to do so before you start.

A cascading waterfall set against deep green foliage with a bridge in the foregroundCrystals that are definitely NOT suitable for water include malachite, hematite, selenite and kyanite. However, there are heaps more on the list and I’ll be dedicating a separate article to them soon.

Some that ARE safe to use with water include most quartz such as clear quartz, amethyst and citrine but NOT tangerine quartz. Again, the list goes on so do check first. You can learn more about the different types of quartz in my Best Buyer’s Guide.

To cleanse your crystals with water, you could hold them under a gently-running tap for a minute or 2, or if you have a spring or waterfall nearby even better. Natural is good, so if you can place them safely under a rain shower this will also do the trick.

As your crystals are being cleansed, visualise their absorbed energy being washed away as they once again become clear and fresh.

(Please use common sense and ensure there’s no danger of yourself or your stones getting washed away or lost!)


For this you will need a smudge stick. Simply put, it’s a bunch of dried herbs that are bound together. You light them, blow out the flame and use the smoke to draw out and dissolve negative energy.

You can hold each stone individually or cleanse a few at a time, passing them through the smouldering herbs for a minute or so as you visualise any negative energy dissipating with the smoke.

There’s a whole section on smudging in my post How To Cleanse The Aura. Check it out to find out more.

As well as cleansing your crystals, it’s also important to charge them. This involves re-tuning their natural vibrations to refill them with positive energy – kind of like recharging a battery. Both of the following methods may be used for cleansing AND charging :

Using Natural Light

Well, here we go again! Some crystals are O.K. to be left in direct sunlight, others are not as they fade or may become brittle. Some that ARE safe in the sun include malachite, black obsidian, jade and lapis lazuli.

Those that AREN’T include fluorite, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine. Again, these are just a few examples for quick reference – check each crystal individually.

Obviously, some climates have stronger and more direct sun than others, and many experience regular cloud cover. However, you don’t need to leave your crystals in the blazing sunshine in order to cleanse or charge them.

In fact, you don’t need to rely on sunlight at all – you can use moonlight instead. Again, it doesn’t matter if there’s very little direct moonlight. In any case, just leave your crystals on a windowsill, or outside if it’s safe to do so. Intend for any negative energy to be absorbed and recycled, and visualise their natural energy being revitalised and recharged.

Cleanse and charge for up to a day / night, and bear in mind that lunar energy and influence is stronger during the new or full moon.

Please also keep in mind that some crystals allow sunlight to penetrate through, as glass would. If in direct sunlight this could be a fire hazard so again a little common sense here – don’t leave your crystals next to a heap of paper and a drum of gasoline!

Mother Earth

A selection of vividly coloured plants in pots of various sizesAnother easy way to cleanse you stones is to bury them – either in a plant pot or around your garden – and allow the energies absorbed by your crystals to be returned to the earth.

Again, you can do this one at a time or you can bury your crystals together. As you bury them, ask the earth to cleanse your stones and rid them of any energy which was absorbed previously, allowing them to be filled again with healing power.

Keep them under the earth for 24 hours. If you’re worried about getting them clean afterwards, wrap them in a natural cloth before you bury them.

For stones that are OK to get wet, you can wash them in soapy water afterwards, and dry them off in the sunlight (check these methods are O.K. for your crystals.) For those that need to be kept dry, you can brush them off and wipe with a dry cloth afterwards. (Just make sure that they remain dry whilst underground.)

How often you cleanse and charge your crystals will depend on how often you use them and how much energy they absorb. As a rule of thumb you could carry out these simple practices on a weekly basis, but as you get to know your crystals, you will be better guided by your intuition. If you’re not sure, go ahead and do it anyway!

How to Begin Healing With Crystals Today

Setting Your Intention

Before using any crystals, you need to set an intention and communicate this to your crystals. You could speak to them (I know it sounds a little crazy, but bear with me on this), or you could hold them and send your thoughts through about what purpose you want them to fulfill.

Meditation is a good way to set your intention. Firstly, find a quiet place without distractions. (You may have created a sacred healing space – if so, perfect.) If you have time, maybe a little ambient music or sounds of nature in the background, light some incense and get comfy. You may wish to lay out the crystals in front of you, or hold them one by one.

Focus on one crystal at a time and hold it – either in your hand or in your mind – and make your intention clear verbally, or again mentally. Maybe you want to heal your heart a little if you’re going through a tough time with your partner, or your intention may be spiritual development.

You may wish to uplift your energetic vibrations in order to be open to abundance, in which case your intention would be manifestation. In any case, know what it is that you want to achieve and communicate this to your crystals, asking for their help to achieve your goal.

Now For The Healing…..

So, you’ve chosen and bought your healing stones. They are cleansed, charged and your intention has been set. You’ve probably started to get a feel for your crystals and may be able to sense their vibrations. If not, don’t worry. As you handle them more, practicing visualisation and intention, it will come with time. The more you practice, the more in tune you will be.

Here are some very straightforward methods to begin using your healing stones right away :

Wearing Your Crystals

Jewellery box with compartments containing different crystal earrings and braceletsThis is a great way to keep your crystals close and enjoy their balancing properties. You could simply keep them in your pocket or wear them as jewellery so you have access to them throughout the day. There’s some stunning crystal jewellery out there with so many styles and types to choose from without breaking the bank.

Some days you may simply choose to wear your jewellery because it’s pretty and looks good with your outfit. On other days, you might choose a piece that will help you get through the day ahead.

For example if you have a difficult meeting planned, take a piece of green aventurine with you. This is a great all-rounder but is particularly useful for inspiring creativity and confidence, bringing out the leader and problem solver in you.

Or if you’re planning on asking your boss for a pay rise you could use citrine. Wear it every day for a week or longer (the longer the better) prior to asking for an increase. Citrine is used for financial gain, good luck and to increase your personal power.

Touch your crystals several times throughout the day and spend a moment or two visualising yourself welcoming all you desire with open arms. You could also repeat affirmations such as “I receive all that I ask for at exactly the right time” or whatever suits your purpose.

Make up your own affirmations – keep them positive and word them in the here and now i.e. “I am…” as opposed to future wishes i.e. “I want to be…” When repeated regularly with emotion, visualisation and the energetic vibrations of your stones, they can be very powerful.

Using Crystals in the Bath

This is an easy way to combine the relaxing benefits of a soak in the tub with some gentle crystal healing. Remember though that some crystals are not suitable for water, so check each crystal first to be sure. Here’s a list of 4 that you could share your bath with :

  • Amethyst – if you need a little stress relief and protection from negativity
  • Citrine – when in need of balance. (Also a great aid to meditation)
  • Rose quartz – for relationship issues and affairs of the heart
  • Clear quartz – for balance and revitalisation.

Simply place your chosen crystal(s) in the bath with you and enjoy! The water enhances the vibrations of the crystals, amplifying their healing power. As you’re physically surrounded by the water, it serves as an excellent conductor for all those good vibes. You could light some candles and have a little background music playing as well.

As you lay back and relax, visualise the healing properties penetrating your skin and imagine your cares and worries melting away, rising with the steam. Lay back and enjoy, allowing yourself to just be in the present moment.

At the end of your soak, say goodbye to your troubles as you visualise them disappearing down the plug hole. You could combine this method with aromatherapy. See my post Safe Healing With Essential Oils to find out more.

Place Your Crystals around the Home or Garden

Bowl of various colourful crystalsIf you’ve just moved into a new home, you might want to clear the energy there and dispel any past vibes. Good old amethyst is a winner here. Place it in the centre of your home and set the intention of releasing the past and preparing a calm and positive environment.

In the kid’s bedroom, you could use celestite. This stone is a great way to boost happiness and good thoughts. It’s a very calming stone and can help if your child suffers with nightmares. Place it next to the bed and be sure to explain that it will be there to take away any bad feelings from bad dreams and can help to encourage happy ones.

Celestite is good for adults too! In times of sadness and uncertainty, place a piece on your bed stand to lift your spirits and encourage a good night’s sleep.

For protection, black tourmaline is an excellent choice. It shields against bad energy entering your house – whether carried by visitors or yourself after a tough day at work. Place near the front door – either inside our out. Or you could plant it in a pot by the door or gate.

For clearing negative energy, crystal wands can be used by gently wafting them around the room(s) you wish to cleanse, as you would a smudge stick. Imagine and visualise their energetic traces filling the air as smoke would, neutralising any stuck or negative energy, releasing it to be recycled, leaving only positive energy and higher vibrations.

Use Your Intuition and Imagination

So these are some simple ways to get started, but as you get used to handling your stones and understanding their properties, allow your imagination to fill your mind with different ways of incorporating them into your routine and healing journey.

Think about what aspects of your life need a little retuning. Where could you use a little help or good luck? (The higher your vibrations, the more open you are to opportunities and all the good things you desire. You can decide whether this is luck or whether it’s an openness to accept things from the universe!)

Use your intuition to guide you. Try some methods out on family and friends. Do what feels right. Develop the above methods or try something completely different. Using healing stones is a very personal thing, so make them your own and find different ways to use their unique vibrations.

After any healing session, maintain an attitude of gratitude! Give thanks to your crystals and the positive energy of the cosmos.

Please note – if you have a medical condition, please remember healing with crystals can be an amazing way to complement medical treatment but should NOT be used instead of it. Always consult with your G.P.

Now Go Do Some Healing!

Smiling girl sits on settee against a colourful backgroundSo now you know what to look for and how to go about choosing your crystals. You have the basics on cleansing and charging your crystals. You’ve got a good idea on how to set an intention, as well as using visualisation. You also have a few straightforward examples you can refer to in order to get started on your crystal healing journey.

Remember that all of the crystals mentioned in this post will be explained in more detail in further articles, so watch this space to find out more about their properties and characteristics as well as some other crystal healing methods.

In the meantime, enjoy getting to know and working with your crystals! Remember – the more you practice, the more in tune you will become. I would love to hear from you to find out about your own healing ideas and experiences so reach out and get in touch!

Likewise, if you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments box below or email me on I’ll be happy to help you out.

So for now and until next time – happy healing!



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