How To Cleanse The Aura

Feather and smudge stick used for cleansing the auraIf you’re familiar with what the aura is and are now wondering how to cleanse the aura, you’ve come to the right place! In this post you can find out why the aura might need cleansing, different methods you can use to release negative energy and some pointers on protecting your aura to keep your energy field healthy and happy.

Cleansing The Aura – Is It Necessary?

As we are energetic beings, our auric field radiates outwards from our body. The healthier the person, the further out their aura radiates. When our energies mingle with others, we can quite often pick up on their energy. We can also absorb an amount of their energy into our own energetic field.

Sometimes this can be a wonderful experience – when you are in the presence of someone who has really good vibes – they make you feel happy or calm or excited or glad to be alive and so on. On the flip side there are those who quite simply bring you down. Those with an empathic nature are more likely to be affected by negative energy, and sometimes it’s difficult to shake this energy off.

But it’s not just being in the presence of others that can taint our glow. Watching bad news on the T.V. such as terrorist attacks, the latest global disaster, kids killing each other with knives, world poverty and so on. Some can watch these events unfold on a regular basis and kind of switch off from the reality of it all. Others, again the empaths amongst us, are more susceptible to the negative vibes of all this bad stuff going on.

Couple arguing exhibiting negative energyPerhaps you’re in an unhappy / unhealthy relationship. Maybe you’re in a job you hate or generally stuck in a rut. All of these factors can affect the aura and your energetic vibration. With negative events such as these, our vibration becomes lower and if we don’t take measures to heal our energetic field, illness and disease may begin to manifest.

To change the big things in life can take time, planning and sometimes a lot of courage. However, there are some steps you can take to begin cleansing the aura which will improve your health, increase your energy levels, give you a boost and possibly a little more strength to start making the changes you wish for in order to improve your life on a more permanent basis.

How To Cleanse The Aura

There are a number of signs which may indicate that your aura needs a little T.L.C. These include lack of energy, feeling sad, anxious or depressed, recurring illness, lack of direction in life and feeling unbalanced mentally and emotionally. Of course most of us experience at least some of these symptoms here and there during our day to day lives. But when these feelings hover over us like a dark cloud on a continuous basis, it’s quite likely time to get cleansing!

Here are some methods you could try. They are more effective when used with visualisation and intention.


This is a practice dating back thousands of years and involves the smouldering of herbs and using the smoke to cleanse an area or a person’s energy.

Many Native American groups used sage in their spiritual ceremonies when requesting wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Science has since discovered that sage has antibacterial and insect repellent properties. The smoke releases negative ions which grab onto and neutralise positive ions in the air, including pathogens, bacteria, viruses and pollution.

Negative ions are also known to balance our levels of serotonin – a natural chemical which regulates a number of things including wellbeing, mood, behaviour, sleep patterns, energy and overall performance. White sage is popular but you could also try black sage, desert sage or blue sage.

Some other popular herbs for smudging are :

  • Bay leaves – good for easing anxiety and lifting the mood
  • Rosemary – especially for areas where peace and calm is needed
  • Cinammon – increases energy as well as allowing relaxation and general healing
  • Lavender – for relaxation and a good night’s sleep
  • Juniper – for protection and good luck

How to do it – you can buy or make smudge sticks, which are basically a bunch of dried herbs tied together. You will also need a heatproof container or holder such as a large shell or incense burning bowl. First, place a little sand or water in the bottom of the container, then light the herbs over it and consider your intention e.g. to clear negative energy from an area or to cleanse your aura.

When the herbs are lit, blow out the flame and gently waft the smoke around the person or area to be treated. (Be careful of falling ash.) Visualise the clearing of negative energy, blockages and low vibrations. You could say some affirmations as well. (See below.)

Don’t inhale too much of the smoke directly, and smudge for just as long as it takes the smoke to reach where it is needed. Then put the smudge stick out and place on the container for use next time. Always use common sense with fire and flame.


You could incorporate feather sweeping into herb smudging, using the feather to waft the smoke all around, either with a single feather or a bunch of feathers, known as a whisk.

Another method is to use the feathers on their own without the herbs. Starting from the feet and working upwards, sweep away negative energy from all around the body – front, back and sides. Visualise the energy returning to the air to become recycled. Again, you could double up and use affirmations too.

Point to note – be careful with feathers as there are laws such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act which make it illegal to possess, sell or buy the feathers of certain birds in the U.S. There are exceptions, and in cases possession may be granted e.g. to Native Americans for spiritual purposes.

Other laws exist so check the legislation for where you are in order to avoid a hefty fine or imprisonment. It’s OK to own an imitation eagle feather. Turkey feathers are also popular for cleansing and healing.

Combing and brushing…

First wash your hands thoroughly. When they are dry, use them as combs to draw out any negative or stuck energy in your aura. As if you are combing your hair, start from your head and work downwards, about 30 cm away from your body – again, front, back and all around. Visualise stray strands of negativity gently falling to the ground to be absorbed back to the earth.

Repeat this 2 or 3 times, and when you have finished, wash your hands again to get rid of any remaining energy that is not wanted. As you see the water disappear down the plug hole, say good bye to that energy and release it.

Brushing follows a very similar process but you will need a crystal wand to use as a brush. Again, work from the head downwards, about 30cm away from the body. Brush out and cleanse the aura as you go. When you reach the floor, gently tap the crystal to release any energy which has become stuck. Repeat 2-3 times.

Suggested crystals include :

  • Selenite – this is a good all-rounder for removing negative energy and balancing the chakras
  • Crystal quartz – for neutralising negativity and giving protection
  • Fluorite – for balance, concentration and clear thinking
  • Pyrite – for deflecting bad energy and grounding
  • Hematite – also good for grounding plus for memory and focus

Note -the above methods can be carried out on yourself, but it may be easier to have someone else perform the cleansing on you in order to reach all areas e.g. behind you.

Other crystal healing methods…

As well as the above, crystals can be used in a number of ways for healing, rejuvenation and balance. Before you use crystals for the first time, it’s important to charge them in order to make a personal connection with them, to enhance their healing power, to cleanse them and to strengthen their vibrations.

This can be done by placing the crystals in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Some crystals can be soaked in salt water for 1-2 days, but check first as soaking isn’t suitable for all. Make sure you rinse them well afterwards to get rid of any remaining energy they may have collected. (Or just rinse for a minute or 2 without soaking.)

Crystals can also be smudged (see above). White sage is recommended for crystal cleansing. Gently waft the smudge stick around your crystals for upto a minute each and allow the smoke to carry away any unwanted energy.

The next step is intention – i.e. what purpose you wish the crystal to serve. Is it for general aura cleansing, chakra alignment, emotional balance after a painful break-up? Say the intention out loud or to yourself as you hold the crystal and request the help of its healing properties, “tuning in” to its frequency. Here are some examples of how to use crystals :

  • Wear them – either as jewellery or have them in your pocket. Be aware of them and tune into their high frequency throughout the day
  • Place them under your pillow as you sleep – ask for their healing properties to work throughout the night, and for protection as you sleep
  • Place them around the house or office – to keep energy positive. Be aware of them and acknowledge them with respect as you pass by
  • Combine them with other healing methods e.g. reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing. You can place them around you or at your chakra points whilst receiving a treatment to boost the healing power.

It’s important to keep your crystals charged so follow the steps above every week or 2. (More often if you feel it is necessary, or for times when the crystals have worked extra hard.)

Good old mother nature…

Where possible – get outside into the fresh air. Go for walks and surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Sunlight is great for re-charging the aura and also a good source of vitamin D. (Remember the sunblock!)

If it’s a windy day, all the better! As you feel the wind against you, imagine all the negativity being blown away into the surroundings, being returned to the cosmos and recycled into positive energy and light. Stretch your arms out and run through a field laughing if you so wish. Remember, if it feels good, it probably is – do what feels right for you.

If it’s raining, no problem. Water is another excellent way to cleanse the aura. As long as there’s no threat of storm and you’re in good physical health, let the rain pour down on you, again, washing away all the negativity and returning that energy to the ground for re-use. (You can also do this in the shower at home.)

Salt water is especially good for cleansing, so if you’re able to go swimming in the sea, do it. Enjoy a gentle swim as you become one with the waves, or take it up a notch and go for a power swim to get the heart beating, blood flowing and endorphins pumping. As well as being good for the aura, any form of exercise is good for lifting the mood and easing depression.

If you’re unable to go for a swim, have a relaxing soak in the bath instead. You can dissolve a little Epsom salt, which is good for pain and inflammation, can reduce stress and improve sleep. Alternatively, add sea salt to your bath which is good for circulation, cleansing and detox. It can also help with joint and muscle aches and pains.

Head and arms of a woman in the bath cleansing her auraAnother option is to add baking soda to your bath. This is particularly good for skin conditions. You can use salts and soda separately or as a combination. In either case, lay back, relax and allow the water to cleanse and heal. As a general guide, add 1-2 cups of salts and / or baking soda to a normal sized bath. Before you get in, drink plenty of water so you are hydrated and ready to detox, make sure the ingredients have fully dissolved and the water isn’t too hot.

Rinse well afterwards, moisturise and drink more water. If you have sensitive skin, you might react to the salts or soda so do a patch test first or check with your GP. You should also check with your doctor first if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have diabetes or high blood pressure.


These are positive statements that you can use – say them either in your head or out loud. They can be very powerful when repeated often and over a period of time. This form of “positive speak” should not be underestimated. Here’s an example :

  • I allow healing energy to flow through me, making me strong and healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By repeating positive statements, we are sending a message to our sub-conscious; we are being healed, we are strong, we are well. Even if you don’t “believe” this message in your conscious mind, repeat, repeat, repeat. Let your amazing self do the rest.

If you doubt the power of this method, how do you think a similar but negative message would work?

  • I do not accept healing, I am not worthy, I am weak in all areas of my life and suffer continuously with ill health.

Even reading this back after writing makes me feel really negative. I would like to delete it, but I’ll leave it there to highlight a point. What effect do you think this statement would have if you repeated it to yourself several times a day over a period of weeks?

There are such huge demands on us in today’s world to be smarter, thinner, healthier, faster, better, prettier etc. It’s so very easy to believe we are not good enough. But it’s possible to change these beliefs. Affirmations are free! You can use them anytime or anywhere. (You might want to say them in your head if you’re in a meeting or at the supermarket.) You can tweak them to suit yourself. There’s a never-ending supply of them and you can never get too much positive thinking.

The more positive you are, the higher your vibration and the healthier your energy layers. For positive affirmations and so much more, I recommend You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. It’s an amazing book which I believe everyone should read on their healing journey. Check it out here…


Meditation has so many benefits – most, if not all of us, could incorporate it into our busy lives for just a few minutes each night before bedtime. Or even better, for 5 or 10 minutes in the morning to set us up for the day ahead. But as well as being busy, many people shy away from meditation because they’re not quite sure how to do it, or because they’ve tried before and couldn’t get it to “work.”

Meditation isn’t something you can master straight away. It takes a little trial and error until you find the way that’s right for you. Then you practice and keep practicing. You don’t have to be able to clear your head of everything, and in fact most of us can’t do that anyway.

What meditation involves is setting aside a little time, being free of distractions, breathing and being in a sense of calm. Allow thoughts to come, and then learn to release those thoughts. It also involves being mindful, or being in the present; not worrying about what happened at work today, not stressing over the meeting you have tomorrow. But just being in the here and now.

As you practice, meditation does become easier and there are many different methods or approaches.

Try this guided meditation from YouTube for cleansing, repair and protection of the aura :

You could also give sound bathing a try. See my article Sound Bath Therapy for more information.

You can use meditation to help balance and align your chakras, to clear energy blockages and for overall wellbeing. All of these contribute to the health of your aura.

How To Protect The Aura

It’s extremely unlikely that once you’ve healed your aura, you will live the rest of your life without trauma, upset or any kind of negative influence or contact. So it’s just as important to understand how to protect yourself from these external influences to minimise the effect they have on you.

Here are some methods you can use to stay protected and keep your aura healthy…

  • Perform smudging on a regular basis. Weekly should be O.K. but you can do it more often if you feel the need. As well as juniper, cinnamon is very good for protection
  • Use crystals – wear them, place them around your environment or hold them close whilst you meditate. You could use black tourmaline, hematite, labradorite or black obsidian to name a few. (I’ll be compiling an A-Z of crystals so watch this space for that article to find out more about crystal properties and characteristics.)
  • Visualise yourself surrounded by the purest white light – all around you from head to toe. This beautiful light keeps your own energy vitalised and healthy. It also acts as a shield to keep unwanted energy out. You can wear this shield throughout the day, incorporate it into morning or evening meditation, or wear it when you are in the company of negative people.
  • Use prayers to ask for protection – you can pray to your version of God, or you can pray to the universe or enlist the help of angels – Archangel Michael in particular is a very protecting force. You could also visualise his presence, surrounding you with a beautiful blue light. Again, you could do this as part of your daily routine, or in times of vulnerability.
  • Find a meditation specifically for protection – see the suggested apps above. Alternatively, YouTube has guided meditations which include visualising the white light shield and asking Archangel Michael for protection.

Back view of an angel signifying love and protectionFor all of the methods above, whether healing or protecting the aura, it is respectful to give thanks afterwards. This could be a silent thank you or it could be a gesture such as a random act of kindness or giving some of your time as a volunteer to a good cause. There are many ways to give and show thanks. For a higher vibration, always be thankful and grateful for what you have.

And Finally….Happy Healing To All!

If you’ve ever felt drained after spending time with a particular friend or family member, or have wondered why certain places or events left you with a dark feeling, perhaps your aura was contaminated with negative energy. As energetic beings, we give off and absorb an amount of energy that can affect our overall frequency, and that of others.

It can be very easy for low frequency vibrations to affect our aura. I hope that by reading this post you’re more aware of ways this can happen, and have a good understanding of some of the tools you have at hand to heal and protect yourself.

Maybe you’ll try smudging and combing or perhaps using crystals is more your thing. Or even a walk with nature on a rainy day. Whichever methods you use, they will be more effective with a clear intention and the use of visualisation. If this is quite new to you, it becomes easier the more you practice.

Let me know what you think about the healing and protection methods above. I would love to hear from you if you give them a try. Likewise, if you have anything to add to this article, you can e-mail me on, or leave a comment in the box below.

Lastly, thanks for reading. Wishing happy healing to one and all!

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