Addiction Support

Addiction Group –

Addiction Resource (U.S.A.) –

Addiction Treatment Centres (U.K.) –

Narcotics Anonymous (World Services) –

N.H.S. Drug Addiction Support Services – 

General Associations / Bodies

Association of Physical & Natural Therapies (A.P.N.T.) –

Complementary Medical Association (C.M.A.) –

Complementary Therapists Association (C.Th.A.) –

General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (G.R.C.C.T.) –

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (C.N.H.C.) –

The Health and Care Professions Council (H.C.P.C.) –

International Institute for Complementary Therapists (I.I.C.T.) –


General Council for Massage Therapy (G.C.M.T.) –

Mental Health

Mind Charity (U.K.) –

Samaritans (U.K.) –

Very Well Mind (U.S.A.) –

Music & Sound Therapy

Association for Music & Imagery(A.M.I.) –

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity –

The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy –

The American Music Therapy Association (A.M.T.A.) –

The British Association for Music Therapy (B.A.M.T.) –

The Canadian Association of Music Therapists (C.A.M.T.) –

The Certification Board for Music Therapists (C.B.M.T.) – U.S.A. –

The International Society for Music Education (I.S.M.E.) –

The World Federation of Music Therapy (W.F.M.T.) –

Organic Certification

The Soil Association –

U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) –

Plant Based Therapies

Alliance of International Aromatherapists (A.I.A.) –

American Botanical Council –

American Herb Association –

American Herbal Products Association –

American Herbalists Guild –

Aromatherapy Trade Council –

Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (C.F.A.) –

International Federation of Aromatherapists –

International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists –

National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy –

Natural Perfumers Guild –

The Tisserand Institute –


International Association of Reiki Professionals (I.A.R.P.) –

Reiki and Seichem Association (R.A.S.A.) – 

The International Center for Reiki Training (I.C.R,T.) –

The Reiki Alliance –

The Reiki Association (T.R.A.) –

The Reiki Connection (T.R.C.) –

The Reiki Council –

The Reiki Guild (T.R.G.) –

UK Reiki Federation (U.K.R.F.) –


Association of Reflexologists –

International Federation of Reflexologists (I.F.R.) –

International Institute of Reflexology (U.S.A.) –

International Institute of Reflexology (U.K.) –

Reflexology Association of America (R.A.A.) –


The Spiritual Hierarchy –

Standards of Performance 

National Occupational Standards (N.O.S) –


The Yoga Institute (est. India 1918) –

The Yoga Institute (est. Australia 2000) –


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