Distant Healing With Reiki

What Is Distant Healing?

Clocks being drawn towards a vortex

Distant healing with reiki, also known as absence healing, is a method where you can receive healing without being present. There are different types of reiki. For this article I’ll be referring to Usui Reiki; the basics are pretty much the same as with other forms of reiki, although the actual practices themselves vary somewhat. Only those at reiki level 2 and above are attuned to carry out distant energy healing.

I covered distant healing very briefly in other articles, but if you’re not too familiar with reiki you’re probably wondering how this works. It’s really quite amazing and takes a little getting your head around because it goes against the grain of the ordinary and the everyday of what we know about our tangible world. We are conditioned to “time” and “space” but the reiki healing method and the energy it uses work outside of these boundaries that we know and that are the basis of our logical and physical lives.

It’s useful first to have an idea of what reiki is. (See An introduction to Usui Reiki.) The foundation of this healing method is the Life Force Energy, or Ki. This is the energy that is all around us, is present in all of us and in fact is us. It’s our soul if you like and we are all interconnected and part of one big ball of love and light. On the understanding that we are all one, healing energy can be shared between us regardless of space and time. Intention and visualisation are used to transmit these energetic vibrations.

Reiki distance healing can be guided towards any living thing, any situation – past or future – and anywhere, for individuals or groups. It can also be used for clearing negative energy in a particular environment, for example the workplace or a new home. Sounds pretty far out, right? But this isn’t just some weird and whacky mumbo-jumbo. This is quantum science. 

Quantum entanglement has demonstrated that when 2 particles are separated – with a significant physical distance between them – if one is changed, likewise the other changes simultaneously in order to compliment the first, as if they were still together. That’s point number one.

Secondly, the outcome of experiments carried out on particles differs depending on whether or not the particles are observed during the experiment. In this way, observation can change behaviour and therefore outcomes. (Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger took this further with his famous cat theory.)

Back view of woman looking at Scrodinger's cat theory marked up on whiteboard

By accepting these points, you can start to understand how changes – in this case the effects of healing energy – could take place in someone across the room by means of observation.

Extend this further, and taking into consideration the first point, if someone is on the other side of the world, although we can’t “see” them in the physical sense, we can affect behaviour or outcomes by being “present” – whilst being physically miles away – as we are all interconnected. 

Of course there’s a whole lot more to it, but my intention was to explain this in simple terms. As fascinating as I find the subject, I’m not a scientist and my brain is happy to work with the “easy” version. For those of you interested in learning more, follow this link to a nicely explained short YouTube video about quantum physics and “Schrodinger’s Cat” theory.

Asking For Permission

Before starting any reiki treatment, the practitioner must first ask for permission from the recipient. If someone has booked a reiki session for themselves, they are quite clearly giving permission by making the booking. If the session is for a group of friends or family members, the practitioner should advise the person making the booking that all parties need to be aware of and in agreement to receiving healing.

When giving reiki to animals, plants or in fact any living thing, the practitioner should ask (either verbally or non-verbally) if they accept the healing energy of reiki. This sounds a little crazy but it is the right way to go about things. It’s polite, respectful and is the correct protocol. Now obviously, your pet dog isn’t going to start talking suddenly and grant you permission – although they might answer you with a lick and a nuzzle – but on a subconscious level the question has been asked, thereby showing respect to this living thing. (By the way, most animals love a bit of reiki!)

Likewise, if a practitioner is asked to give reiki to someone in a coma for example, they can ask that the reiki be accepted. If the person rejects the reiki on a subconscious or higher self level, then the reiki will not flow to them. It will simply be absorbed into the atmosphere. Nothing terrible will happen – it’s as simple as that. The important thing is that the question is asked with respect but without presumption. The rest is left up to the intended recipient.

Setting The Scene

Practitioners have different methods of setting the scene in preparation for a reiki treatment, whether in person or distant. Where possible, these could include…

  • Ensuring the environment is calm and quietSilhouette of person meditating
  • Switching off or silencing mobile phones
  • Lighting some candles (with safety in mind of course – placed in a candle holder on a heat resistant surface etc.)
  • Playing some gentle, zen style background music 
  • Remaining in a relaxed or meditative state for 10 minutes or more
  • Performing self-reiki for 10 minutes or more

By creating the right ambience the practitioner can detach further from the outside world and channel the reiki energy more effectively. There will be times when none of the above steps are possible, for example if sending emergency healing to a friend suddenly ill. But as far as practical, at least some of these steps should be followed.

As a recipient of distant healing, you should also follow these steps where possible – including self-reiki if you are attuned – in order to gain maximum benefit from the session. Your practitioner will tell you in advance the proposed date and time of the healing. 

Another option, if for example you have a totally hectic work life and can’t commit to a particular time, ask your practitioner to send you the reiki so it is waiting for you at home when you are ready. This way, after a hard day’s work you can set the scene, creating a warm and calm ambience, and tell the reiki – verbally or non-verbally – that you are ready to receive it. Then sit or lay back and let it happen!

The Distant Healing Session

Intention and visualisation are both key to a practitioner when channelling reiki. For a distance session a practitioner will usually ask for a name (which they might write so it becomes visual) and / or photo of the recipient(s). This helps to seal the intention and to guide the reiki to the correct person / people / pet / place etc. 

The Beginning

The session may start with a prayer, asking for guidance from angels, past reiki masters or indeed the divine source. The reason for the session is stated (e.g. to speed up recovery after an operation, to help with emotional healing after a break up, to help  x, y, and z to deal with the sadness and stress of a bereavement etc.) Particular focus is given to the recipient(s) with the aid of the name card or photo, and the energy is directed towards them.

During The Session

The practitioner may visualise reiki energy all around or flowing through them to the intended recipient – possibly simulating the placing of hands, to a particular area, or through one or all of the 7 main chakras. (These are energy centres situated parallel to the spinal column.)

The chakras are symbolised by different images and colours and each have a specific name. They represent the different stages of our life and have their own characteristics, relating to parts of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. (I’ll be writing more about the chakras later so watch this space!) So the practitioner may visualise the vibrant chakra colours, or recite their names, or intend to release energy blockages from them and so on.

Affirmations may be used to help with focus and intention. These are positive statements that can be used to change thought patterns, behaviours and energies. Some examples are :

  • (name) recovers quickly and painlessly from the operation,
  • (name) accepts the sadness and regret of their relationship break up and is able to release these emotions and move on to a place of positivity and new beginnings,
  • (names) accept the physical loss of their dear friend and find happiness for her as she rests now in spirit without pain.

(These are just a few examples – I encourage you to use affirmations in your everyday life. Another topic I’ll be writing up on later.)

When learning Usui Reiki, from level 2 onward the student is given the knowledge of the sacred reiki symbols. Traditionally these symbols were only available to reiki students, so I choose not to display them on these pages. However, they are now easily accessed via the internet so you can check them out if you so wish. Don’t worry…nothing bad or spooky will happen. It’s just my personal choice to respect the tradition.

The symbols are used to intensify the power of the energy, for in-person as well as for distant healing. One of the symbols is the reiki distance healing symbol. This can be used with, or instead of, the other symbols to intensify the energy.

At The End Of The Session

Silhouette of a woman with arms reaching outA distant healing session can last from half an hour to an hour, possibly longer. At the end of every session thanks is given to the guides and angels for their help, as well as the healing energy.

A practitioner will usually intend that the link between themselves and the healee(s) is gently disconnected. Then they will disconnect from any negative energy they may have picked up along the way.

Finally, a little time is taken to become grounded in the here and now again.

Things To Be Aware Of…

Reiki should not be used as an alternative to conventional medicine or veterinary treatment. As a precautionary measure, please speak to your doctor before undertaking reiki treatment, especially if you are pregnant, have heart problems or diabetes. Reiki can be used alongside most medical treatment but there are certain times when extra care should be taken.

For broken bones that have not yet been fixed and set, reiki should not be used as it can significantly speed up the healing process and may cause the bone to start mending before it’s correctly set. Please be aware that a practitioner should never claim they can heal a particular health issue, and unless they have medical training, they cannot diagnose specific illnesses or health problems.

Next Steps….

I hope that if you’re new to reiki this article has given you a good insight into distant healing techniques, how visualisation and intention can work and a basic grasp of quantum mechanics. Please drop me a line below with your feedback. I am always interested to know your thoughts. Likewise, if you have any questions at all, I will gladly answer them if I can.

I truly believe that reiki makes the world a better place. One of the most important things to know is that reiki can only ever be used for good. The possibilities are literally endless, whether in-person or with distant healing.

Although reiki is becoming better known and more popular, there are still many who have not yet experienced it. I would love to see more people bringing reiki into their lives. It’s so simple yet versatile and once attuned, anyone can practice it and make it part of their everyday lives.


  1. Hi Gwendolyn, thanks for your message. I’m also interested in herbalism and am completely in love with essential oils as well. Nature certainly has bestowed some fabulous gifts upon us! I wish you the best of luck as you continue on your path with herbal medicine, and I’m sure that when the time’s right, you’ll find that a new path has opened up which leads you towards reiki spiritual energy healing. Wishing you peace and happiness!

  2. Jane,

    Thank you for this information. I am an herbalist and pagan practitioner of 22 years. I have used energy healing before, but never at a great distance.
    I have always been interested in reiki, but never found anyone willing to teach me. I would rather have an on-site instructor, so I can follow the energy as it flows.
    At the moment I am solidifying my herbal knowledge, but I believe I will be adding reiki when the time is right.

    Thank you again 🙂
    Blessed be )O(
    Gwendolyn J

    • Hi Gwendolyn, thanks for your message. I’m also interested in herbalism and am completely in love with essential oils as well. Nature certainly has bestowed some fabulous gifts upon us! I wish you the best of luck as you continue on your path with herbal medicine, and I’m sure that when the time’s right, you’ll find that a new path has opened up which leads you towards reiki spiritual energy healing. Wishing you peace and happiness!

  3. Thank you for your amazing and thorough article on Distant Reiki Healing. As a Reiki I Practitioner, I can appreciate everything you have written. Particularly I enjoy your commentary about even asking pets for their consent. My Reiki I attunement is a day I will always remember.

    Living in Los Angeles, CA it is common to experience earthquakes. On the day I was attuned and at the moment I placed my hands above a fellow participant as they lay on the reiki table, there was a sizeable earthquake; knocking potted plants off countertops and books off bookshelves. Through the whole experience, we were all calm. No one expressed fear; only love. It was as if we were moving with Gaia.

    No one in the city was hurt that day from the earthquake and it was/is a day and an experience I will always cherish. Namaste.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the article – as a practitioner yourself, I’m sure you’re aware of the challenges of talking about distant healing without sounding like you’re on the crazy train! 

      I can totally relate to your earthquake experience as well – I live in Greece and there’s always some crazy shifting going on underneath – whether it registers on the richter scale or not. The beauty of reiki is that it can level us out, calm our fears and help us to accept that which we have no influence over. Wishing you peace and happiness in all you do!

  4. Thank you very much for post. I am thinking about the distant healing right before I read your article. My mother is suffering from brain illness and doesn’t feel well. She went to doctor and use medicines. I am away form her and am kind of prayer and mediation to give my energy from my body to my mother.

    After reading your article, I understand now that there is so medicine. I do feel I am connecting with my mom strongly. My mom’s image is in the brain all time. I am going to read more about the Life force Energy. I am going to share my healing energy with my mom.

    It is kind of you sharing such powerful message with us.

    • Anthony, first of all thank you for reaching out and sharing what you and your mother are going through. It is so difficult to see the ones we love go through difficult times – particularly physical illness. As well as the benefits of distant reiki healing, I strongly believe in the power of thought, intention and prayer. Please know that you and your mother will be in my thoughts and prayers, and that I hope you remain strong through this difficult time. I’m pleased to hear that this post gave you some comfort and hope. Please remember – don’t neglect yourself. You need to keep yourself strong and well so you can support your mother and carry on being the rock that I’m sure she needs right now. Namaste.

  5. Excellent article!! I had no idea that you could do reiki from a distance. I have had a massage therapist use reiki on me after a back injury. Unfortunately, neither massage nor reiki helped and she was honest enough to say so because each session started unknoting the same muscle knots. I’m too tense, I guess. Short term the sessions were good for me and did help a little. That said, not sure it was reiki or the massage. I’m going to have to read more about reiki after this article. Thanks again!

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Please check out my other articles, starting with …https://therapyjet.net/an-introduction-to-usui-reiki-spiritual-energy-healing/ …if you’re interested in finding out more about reiki. Reading your comments, I wondered what the underlying issue was – you mentioned that reiki and massage didn’t help, and that the session always started with un-knotting the same area. When we have a recurring health issue – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – this is usually down to some energy or past trauma getting “stuck.” Can I also suggest you take a look at my chakra series – have a read through the articles and see if any strike a chord with you – it may help you to identify the underlying issue and begin the healing process. Start here  https://therapyjet.net/the-base-or-root-chakra/ and let me know how you get on. Happy healing!

  6. I haven’t been to any type of therapy before, but I know a thing or two of how things work in therapy as my mom is in therapy.

    Its good to know the whole life force energy that’s around us and that can help us heal from the inside out. I know that people speak of negative energy as you mentioned above, now this method of Reiki can clear negative energy in any particular area, such as a home. 

    I know that a lot if bad things happen in a certain area due to bad energy that the particular area gives off, so it will help to get rid of that to prevent any bad things to happen. it’s good to know that there is something out there that can cure These areas in a way.

    So thank you for sharing this method and all the best to you.

    • Hi, thanks so much for your feedback. Yes, you are totally right, the energy that is our very being can heal us from the inside out, as well as healing places, spaces and events. What kind of therapy is your mom into? I’m always interested to hear about like-minded souls! All the very best to you as well. To peace, happiness and healing!

  7. When people first hear about these techniques, they may be hesitant to give them a try. However, I’d encourage anyone to keep an open mind and learn more about reiki and distant healing. 

    I’m fortunate to have a friend who is a reiki practitioner, although it’s unfortunate that she lives many miles away. I called her looking for recommendations of local places to me to find a session, and was surprised to learn that she could help from the other side of the country with a distant healing session. The experience was convenient (I didn’t have to leave home) and effective as well. 

    Thanks for getting the word out about this helpful practice!

    • Hey Aly, thanks for your feedback. It’s great to hear you have a friend who can carry out distant healing. Yes, it sounds totally whacky at first!!! But when you get a better understanding of how and why it works, distant healing isn’t so crazy…it can be a fabulous way of connecting, supporting and healing our friends and loved ones. And yes – as you said – convenient! What more could you ask for? Wishing you peace and happiness!

  8. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I never heard about Reiki but now I am pretty curious to give it a try. Honestly, I am full of stress and anxiety and I feel this could relax me. I am not so familiar with this so I will take the time to read it again and make my decision, I have nothing to lose. 

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