The Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

Sacral chakra represented by orange, 6-petal lotusHopefully you’ve read the first in this series about the chakras and their meanings, and are on the way to having a well-balanced root chakra. When the energy is flowing freely in this first chakra, you will have a good foundation upon which to heal and balance the remaining 6 major chakras. The next step is understanding the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana as it is also known.

In this post we will be looking at what this second chakra represents, it’s characteristics, and some simple steps you can start to follow should you feel you need some healing in this area. The first and second chakras are closely linked so you will notice some similarities in their characteristics and representations.

What is the Sacral Chakra

In Sanskrit the name Svadhisthana translates as “own seat” or “own place.” One way of interpreting this is as the seat or dwelling of our inner selves – giving us a sense of who we really are. The main colour associated with this chakra is orange, and it is located about 8 cm below the navel. It’s represented by a 6-petal lotus and the element most closely associated is water, relating to the emotions.

The main sense associated with this chakra is taste, although it does in fact represent pleasure through all the senses. As well as sensuality, it is linked to our ability to be intimate, our sexuality and fertility. Also, creativity – whether writing a poem, baking a cake or creating a new life – creativity in any form is fuelled by the energy of the sacral chakra.

Parts of the body that are strongly influenced by this energy centre include the lower back, the bladder, the kidneys and the reproductive system. The production of testosterone and estrogen is regulated here.

Small child smiling and hugging her teddyOur development between the ages of 2 and 3 years affects our sacral chakra. As a small child, if we experienced a secure upbringing and were given consistent boundaries that we felt safe within, we probably began to develop a level of independence. Without this security, a child does not develop individually with such confidence. This affects autonomy and can bring feelings of shame – about ourselves physically, and how we express ourselves to the outside world.

Understanding The Sacral Chakra

Although the world is changing, in today’s society we are still generally encouraged to hide our emotions and keep our sexuality behind closed doors – so as not to embarrass the children / co-workers / society in general etc. There are some exceptions – such as LGBT Pride for example – but these expressions and public celebrations of sexuality are few. On a day-to-day basis, if we are without freedom of expression, or if we bury our feelings too deeply, the sacral energy can become blocked.

If the energy is not flowing freely in the sacral area, this can cause a number of physical problems including irregular periods, infertility, impotence, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. The lymphatic system may not function properly which can have serious effects on the immune system. Other health issues include circulatory problems.

We may also experience emotional imbalance, depression, anxiety, low confidence and low self-esteem. We may find it difficult to communicate, and problems with intimacy can affect our relationships. Other factors include either excessive or non-existent sex drive and destructive behaviour or thought patterns. All of these factors can inhibit our sense of connection to others or to the world around us in general – giving us a feeling of not belonging.

How to Heal the Sacral Chakra

Artist's easel and painting of landscape with people and orange flowersAny creative activities will benefit the balancing of the sacral chakra. Why not try drawing / painting, pottery, singing or dancing. You could take a class or create from the comfort of your own home – whatever feels right for you. Get in sync with the colour orange – take advantage of orange light if you are able to; maybe write a poem as the sun rises at dawn or meditate as it sets.

Have orange objects around the home. For me, orange is one of my favourite colours – if I had the choice I would have orange everywhere, but as I don’t live alone, my personal space is dotted with orange canvasses / photo frames / soft furnishings etc. You can also wear orange – clothes, make-up, jewellery (try not to over-do it though!); the crystals most associated with sacral chakra healing are amber, citrine, orange calcite, garnet, peach moonstone and vanadinite. Turquoise and flourite also work well.

Eat orange foods such as carrot, pumpkin, peaches and honey. Also nourish your body with healthy fats; mackerel, salmon, trout and sardines are high in omega 3 and have numerous health benefits. Nuts and seeds are also good. Flavour your meals with coriander, fennel and cinnamon.

As the representative element is water – spend time by the sea, go fishing, go swimming or take an aromatherapy bath with ylang ylang essential oil – which is both invigorating and relaxing. Other essential oils to use include clary sage, sandalwood, orange and neroli. (Use essential oils wisely – see Safe Healing With Essential Oils before using, and check individual oils are suitable for you if you are pregnant, have health issues, allergies etc.)

Repeat affirmations throughout the day to assist with sacral chakra healing. Some examples are…

  • I am in touch with my emotions
  • My relationships are happy and healthy
  • I am happy with my sexuality and I express it with confidence
  • My creativity brings pleasure to myself and others

The mantra sound for the sacral chakra is VAM, so you can chant along to guided meditations or you can just listen along and allow the vibrations to resonate and boost the healing process.

Any form of physical exercise is good for clearing blocked energy, as is having a good clean and clear out / declutter. Use natural cleaning products as opposed to synthetics.

After Sacral Chakra Healing

Silhouette of a couple embracing against an orange skyOnce your sacral chakra is healthy and the energy is balanced and flowing freely, you are likely to experience love and passion in a healthy way – i.e. without becoming obsessive or destructive. You will feel comfortable with intimacy and more able to communicate with confidence – not just with your partner, but in all situations.

By being connected to your feelings, you will be able to express yourself more freely and may find yourself becoming more creative. It’s not unusual to have much higher energy levels which can lead to increased motivation and positive mental attitude. In turn, you will likely become less afraid of failure, and when this fear is removed, the path to success becomes clearer. By taking action with confidence you will be more able to create the future you desire.

As with any form of healing, the amount of work to be done will vary with each individual. In some cases there may be a need for professional help – perhaps from a certified counsellor or accredited energy healer. Others cases simply call for a bit of TLC here and there. As well as the methods above, I highly recommend you look into reiki healing, if you’re not already familiar with it. It’s a great way of balancing the chakras, as well as maintaining a healthy energy flow in the longer term.


Hopefully now you have a good understanding of the sacral chakra, it’s characteristics and how it can affect our health and wellbeing. You can begin chakra healing by trying 1 or 2 of the above methods, or immerse yourself fully and give them all a try! Again, it’s whatever feels right for you. To find out more about reiki, click here to see my previous posts.

To see the third article in this series click on Solar Plexus Chakra Healing. As always, if you have any thoughts or comments you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or contact me at Happy healing!


  1. Samantha Morris

    Hi hun – I too love the colour orange ! My home is decorated in lots of shades of black and grey – maybe it’s time to introduce some soft furnishings and accessories in orange ! Love the food suggestions – I truly believe a healthy and varied diet is key to our well being. ???

    • Hey Sam, I’m a massive fan of the orange and black combo – I’ve got a canvas in my bedroom that I can get completely lost in. I’m also on a bit of a detox at the mo and make up a batch of orange and ginger every couple of days. Boil a pan of water with a couple of sliced oranges and a little fresh ginger, then drink hot or cold throughout the day. Good for the sacral chakra, good for the digestive system and it stops me snacking between meals. Send some pics when your soft furnishings get “tangoed” ;)Sending love and hugs xxx

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