Yoga Download Review

Profile of a woman in a yoga pose

As a beginner, I’m looking for an online yoga provider that can offer me relevant classes, hold my interest, keep me coming back for more and allow me to develop my practice. What about you – what are you looking for? With so many different sites out there we are…

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Sound Bath Therapy

Tibetan singing bowl and mallet on a cushion

Stressed at work? Relationships not going as they should? Are you in need of some mental or emotional clarity? Maybe it’s time to try sound bathing! In this article we’ll be looking at what sound bath therapy is, how it works, what to expect from a session, and some of…

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Binaural Beats Therapy

Head and shoulder shot of a girl wearing pink headphones

There are many ways to heal with sound. In this article we will be looking at binaural beats therapy – what it is, how it works, what it can be used for and how to go about it plus some safety pointers. What is Binaural Beats Therapy? First to understand…

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