How to Make A Crystal Elixir

A crystal wand casts a shadow against a black backgroundThere are many ways to use crystals, minerals and gemstones to promote healing and balance. In this post we will be exploring how to make a crystal elixir – also known as gem waters, crystal essence, mineral tonic or any combination of these.

As with any crystal healing methods, it’s important that your healing stones are cleansed and charged first. This will remove any negative energy they may have absorbed along the way. It also makes them ready for healing by restoring their own energy or energetic vibration.

Another important step is to set your intention. In other words you need to know what purpose you wish your healing stones to serve, and communicate this to them – whether it’s for a specific health issue, for emotional wellbeing, for improving your sleep patterns, for chakra balancing and so on.

If you’re new to crystal healing, you might like to read my post The Beginner’s Guide To Healing With Crystals for a deeper explanation on all of these areas, plus some pointers for choosing your crystals and other ways they can be used.

You can also check out my other posts in the crystal healing series to gain an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and properties of different crystals and gemstones. (Click on the “Crystal Healing” tab on the main menu.) This will help you to choose the right stones for you and match them to your needs.

As always, I will mention at this point that I am not a doctor and that any form of complementary healing or therapy should not be used instead of conventional or mainstream medicine, but alongside it. Always check with your own doctor or health professional first, especially if you have a known medical issue.

So, if you’re ready, first to clarify…

What Is A Crystal Elixir?

In simple terms, a crystal elixir uses water to capture the energy of crystals. This is possible due to the molecular structure of water and it’s ability to be influenced by energetic vibrations. Not only does it absorb crystal and gemstone vibrations, it also amplifies and then stores them, locking into their higher frequency.

In fact, water can be influenced by our own thoughts, emotions and intentions. This was proven by a rather extraordinary Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. He carried out numerous studies on this subject and found that words of love and prayer, as well as positive thoughts and intentions had a profound impact on water – they resulted in the formation of beautiful crystalline structures within the water itself. (You can find out more in his book The Miracle of Water.)

Love heart shape lit up with positive energyIt’s important to bear this in mind when making your essences and elixirs…do so with love and positive thoughts. Be mindful of your intention as you prepare them and always be thankful. Either speak your love out loud, or thank the life-giving water quietly.

When taking a crystal elixir, the “charged” water is ingested or applied externally. With each application, we in turn absorb the healing properties and higher vibrational energy of the crystal waters. These properties can be used to benefit any living thing, as well as for clearing negative or stuck energy in a particular space.

Crystal elixirs and essences are growing in popularity but are in no way a new concept. Their uses can be traced back to ancient civilisations. The Chinese favoured jade. The Egyptians used gems prolifically but perhaps most notably lapis lazuli. The Greeks were big fans of amethyst and clear quartz to name just two. Generally, they created essences by adding powdered crystals to water and taking them orally.

Today’s methods are somewhat more refined though, and there are certain precautions that should be taken when preparing crystal waters, as you will see below.

Safety First…

Probably the most important point to remember is that not all crystals are suitable to be used with water. Some crystals will begin to dissolve, some contain harmful components and others may give off toxins when wet. For that reason, I have detailed below the “indirect” preparation method whereby the healing stones don’t come into contact with water directly. This way you have a larger choice of crystals to work with, and can do so with greater peace of mind.

Another point to note – don’t let this scare you – before you begin your preparations, please make sure your stones aren’t radioactive. Generally speaking, popular and common healing crystals and minerals are not, but please double check to make sure. Radioactive stones are definitely NOT suitable for making essences and elixirs – whether using the direct or indirect method.

Making Essences and Elixirs

When making essences and elixirs, use glass bowls, bottles and containers as glass allows the energetic vibrations to pass through. Use either distilled or natural spring water.

STEP 1 – Easy Essence…Just Crystals And Water

This essence is super-easy to make and you can keep it in the fridge for 2 or 3 days.

For this first preparation you can either surround the water…

  • Fill a sealable glass bottle with the water and stand up in a glass bowl.
  • Place your chosen crystals in the glass bowl, surrounding the base of the bottle. If they are pointed or wand shaped, face them inwards towards the water.
  • Leave in natural light for at least 2 hours. For a longer charge leave for 24 hours so your solution enjoys the benefit of sunlight and moonlight. (If leaving your crystals in direct sunlight, please check it’s OK to do so as some crystals may fade. Also, be aware that the sun’s rays intensify through glass and may therefore pose a fire hazard.)
  • When complete, place the glass bottle containing the gem water into the fridge, ready for use.

Or you can surround the crystals…

  • Put your chosen crystals or gemstones in a small, watertight container and seal.
  • Place inside a larger container and top up with the water.
  • Cover the larger container – ideally with a clear glass lid or plate if you have one. This way you can place a crystal on top of the lid as well. Alternatively, use a cloth made from natural material and secure in place around the rim.
  • Leave in sunlight / moonlight as above.
  • Remove the smaller container and pour the water from the larger vessel into a glass bottle or lidded jug to be kept in the fridge, ready for use.

For an even easier option, you could buy your own “ready-made” crystal water charger. These are glass water bottles which usually contain a water-tight removable crystal pod so you can use the crystals provided or choose your own. Just top the bottle up with the water and leave to charge. There are some beautiful choices available.

Other Charging Methods…

A candle and incense stick burn gently in a sacred spaceIf you don’t have an outside space to use, you could create a sacred indoor space for charging your crystal essence. This could be a whole room, or maybe a small altar in the corner of a room. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. What’s important is that this area is kept specifically for spiritual practices – these could include meditation, prayer, yoga etc. – and is a space where good vibrational energy flows.

I will be going into more depth about creating a sacred space in a separate article so watch this space.

Another way to charge your crystal essence is by using sound. You could expose your solution to a sound bath for 2 or more hours. Surround it with beautiful sound vibrations from musical instruments, singing and / or chanting – either live or from one of the many recordings available on You Tube. To find out more, see my article Sound Bath Therapy.

Another technique with sound uses sacred tones known as Solfeggio frequencies. There are 9 frequencies which can assist and benefit particular areas of our lives or challenges we face. These include releasing guilt and fear, embracing new beginnings, maintaining emotional balance and developing spiritual enlightenment. Again, expose your essence to these sound vibrations for 2 hours or more. Choose a frequency relevant to your intention for the crystal essence. To learn more, see my post Healing With Solfeggio Frequencies.

STEP 2 (Optional)…For A Longer Life Elixir

This method involves adding a preservative to your crystal water so you can keep it for longer. With this in mind, you may want to prepare a larger batch.

You will also need :

  • A large, sealable glass bottle or container to store your essence in.
  • Your chosen preservative. (Use vodka or brandy with a minimum 40%, equivalent to 80 proof in the U.S. Alternatively you can use vinegar.)
  • A suitable storage area or cupboard where your preparation can remain undisturbed until required.

Firstly, follow your chosen steps above to prepare the easy essence. Next, pour the essence into the large bottle so it is half to two-thirds full. Finally, use your chosen preservative to fill the remainder of the bottle.

Seal and store in a cool, dark place. Can be used for upto 2 months.

Crystal Essence Applications

There are so many ways to use your crystal essence. You will see below 5 methods to get you started.

Sip Throughout The Day…

A good way to keep hydrated and easily incorporate some crystal therapy into your day. Either take some sips here and there or add a little to your beverages each time you have a drink. To avoid getting sozzled, I would not suggest using this application if you’ve used a preservative containing alcohol! I would recommend the easy essence here instead.

The Roller Ball…

This is a good way to apply your essence topically when you’re on the move. Small roller balls are very portable and handy to keep in your handbag (or manbag) when you’re on the go. Especially useful if you suffer with headache or migraine (apply to the temples), earache (apply behind the ears) and general stress (apply to the back of the neck.) Can also be applied to your chakra points for specific healing properties. (See Chakras and Their Meanings to find out more.)

The Dropper Method…

Again, small dropper bottles are easy to carry around and can be used whenever, wherever. Place 3 or 4 drops of your essence under the tongue. Depending on your choice of crystals or gemstones, you may use this for emotional wellbeing when going through a tough time, for improved mental clarity and focus whilst studying, for dealing with a stressful situation at work and so on.

Spritzing and Spraying…

Put some of your elixir into a spray bottle and use it for cleansing your aura. Ask a friend to help so you can be gently sprayed all over, including the back. Hold your arms out and stand with your feet slightly apart. Have your friend start above your head, working around you, including your arms, then your torso, legs and finally your feet.

Use your spray bottle to clear negative energy in the home or workplace. Start in the middle of the room and walk in an anti-clockwise circle, working outwards as you reach the walls. Have a spray every few steps. If there is a particular part of the space which seems to hold more negativity, give that area more attention.

Remember, these methods involve gentle spritzing and spraying. I would again suggest the easy essence here to avoid smelling of alcohol or vinegar – which you may do if you used a preservative in your preparations.

In The Bath Or Shower…

You can add some crystal essence to your bath water for an extra relaxing soak, or to give you an energy boost, depending on which crystals you used when preparing. Simply add just before you get in and take 10-20 minutes to absorb the crystal healing energies as they surround you.

You could also add to your shower gel or shampoo if you don’t have time for a soak. Other ideas for use could be for dry skin, for dull hair, for improved sleep, for motivation, for spiritual development….

The list goes on and on. Choose your stones wisely to get the most out of the many forms of crystal therapy.

How Much And How Often?

There are seemingly endless recommendations for how much crystal essence to use and for how often. Personally, I have used all of the above methods and more. I started with a couple of drops (under the tongue method), and have progressed to about half a cup of essence in the bath, plus all sorts of amounts in between at different times and for different purposes.

Drops of water in a small blue pool against a black background

The key thing to remember is that we are all different, and that what might be good for one may not be so for another. Take a little extra care with essences and elixirs. If you’re wearing crystals and they don’t agree with you, you can simply take them off. If you have ingested an elixir, it will take longer to pass through your system.

So, start small, have break days from crystal therapy, get to know which essences work better for you, educate yourself but also follow your intuition. It really just comes down to being sensible. If something doesn’t work for you, stop it. Simple as that. Please also remember to speak to your doctor first, especially if you have a known medical condition.

Next Steps…

So now you have a good understanding of what a crystal essence is and how crystals and water work so well together. You also have some simple methods for preparing your own essences, and different options for charging them.

Don’t forget the precautionary measures you need to be aware of when working with crystals, and when first using the above methods, remember that less is best until you are more familiar with them.

For further information on specific crystals and their healing properties, cleansing and charging crystals, different ways of using crystals, sound healing, the chakras and aura cleansing, do check out my other articles by clicking on the highlighted links.

Finally, enjoy your own crystal healing journey! If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the comments box below or email me at I’m always interested to hear about people’s experiences with any type of complementary therapy, so drop me a line!

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